Complete Fiberglass Vault System

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Advantages      How to Install

Installation Instructions:

  1. Dig excavation to desired depth.
  2. Level out and firmly compact the bottom of the excavation.
  3. Install factory ring in the bottom of the excavation.
  4. Try to get this ring as level as possible.
  5. It is alright to cut the ring to allow for sewer or other obstacles. The important point is to make sure the ring is under the lower lip of the lowest fiberglass section. This can be adjusted after the lower section has been lowered into the excavation.
  6. The adjustment in the fiberglass vault is in the lower section. Before installing the lower section measure from the previously installed ring to the surface. Use this measurement to decide if the lowest section needs to be trimmed to allow the cover to be even with the existing surface level.
  7. If necessary, it is permissible to trim the bottom of the lower section to adjust for different sewer depths. Further, the lower section can be notched to allow the sewer to be in different locations.
  8. To do this trimming: take your overall height and subtract out the height of the cone and the height of whichever cover you will be using. Don't forget that the lower section will be inserted into the upper cone. So do NOT subtract the section of the cone that will overlap the lower section.
  9. The factory created end (which has been made thicker to accept the top cone) must be used when mating to the upper section (cone). NEVER use the cut surface to mate to the upper section. The cut surface must be installed at the bottom onto the previously installed ring.
  10. Install previously trimmed lower section onto ring in bottom of excavation. This can be done from the surface easily, using light straps or rope. No adhesive caulk is necessary to attach the lower section to the bottom ring; as the ring is to prevent the lower section from possibly sinking into the ground.
  11. After this lower section has been installed, use some sand or the like as backfill to stabilize the lower section, preventing it from moving.
  12. The top section (cone) is now ready to be dropped in. This can also be done from the surface easily using light straps or rope. Use the factory installed handle on the back of the cone to stabilize the cone while lowering and lining it up with the lower section.
  13. Once the cone has dropped almost all the way down onto the lower section, leave a small space (about 1/2") to allow a line of adhesive caulk to be installed between the pieces. Put the adhesive caulk either on the top lip of the lower section or onto the receiving lip of the upper cone section.
  14. Use a trowel to smooth out any of the adhesive caulk that might seep out.
  15. Backfill around the entire vault using sand or the like.
  16. It is recommended to use dirt for the top four to six inches to grow grass or plants.

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